Empty Calories vs. Meaningful Calories


Don’t forget: healthy food consists of much more than just calories. More importantly, they provide us with vitamins, minerals and fiber. These also determine how full you feel. 

So which are the good calories and which are the bad? It’s helpful to use the principle of clean eating. So, give preference to unprocessed foods in the purest forms. This includes things like fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts. You can fill up on these foods without giving much thought to your daily caloric intake limit. Variety amongst these items is key though. 

The bad calories can be found in high-sugar foods or fast food, which follow exactly the opposite principle. They offer you almost no nutrients, but a ton of empty calories. If you’re trying to maintain your weight, you’ll have to pay attention to your “bad” calorie intake. They only make you feel full temporarily, but usually lead to cravings shortly after. You can enjoy a bad calorie from time to time, but keep it to a minimum.


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