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Working Out In The Morning Is Great!

A morning workout is a lot like breakfast, because it gets your metabolism going. Simply put, you burn more calories all day long just from the sheer fact of exercising in the morning.

Dairy Free Vegetable Pizza

This is another quick and easy dinner that can be frozen and reheated when ready to eat! 

Qucik Meal: Better Burgers & Salad

Dinner Last Night: Better Burgers & Salad!

Great Workout Today!

I burned 467 Calories so far and made a delicious fruit smoothie!

Detoxing To Get Rid Of Water Weight

I recently gained 6 lbs of water weight, so I decided to do a detox by decreasing my sodium intake and increasing more water, fruit and herbal tea! 5 of those 6 lbs are gone. Healthy living is a lifestyle for sure!

Sunday Dinner!

Stuffed Mushrooms                         Organic Green Beans                  Vegan  Mac & Cheese